Vehicle diagnostics in Great Chesterford

The experienced mechanics at Park Vehicle Services can diagnose the faults in your vehicle using top-of-the-line computer software. Contact us today.

We can correctly diagnose the faults

Is the ‘check-engine’ light flashing in your car? Our skilled technicians can diagnose the faults in your car accurately using advanced vehicle diagnostic tools. Some faults logged by your vehicle will not show a warning light and can only be read using electronic diagnostic equipment. So, bring your vehicle to our garage and let our experts check your vehicle. We are conveniently located in Great Chesterford. Contact us today for a free pick-up and return service.

With our quality vehicle diagnostics, we can:

  • Identify faults in your vehicle
  • Rectify the causes of engine misfiring and stalling
  • Improve the engine performance and efficiency
  • Improve your overall fuel economy

Expert diagnostic checks

With a full diagnostic check on both the electronics and mechanical parts, we can pinpoint any problems and have them fixed in no time. What’s more, we also supply and fit high-quality tyres. To discuss your needs, speak to us today.

Give your vehicle a full health check – call Park Vehicle Services today.

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